Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time  

Dear Friends and Parishioners of Saint Jerome,

Pax Christi semper vobiscum!

Over the last three years we have been celebrating a Communal Wedding during the month of November. The number of those who participate varies. This event is primarily offered to those couples in our parish who for some years have been living together without the Sacrament of Matrimony. We believe and declare in our Catholic practices that the Sacraments are ways for us to obtain God’s grace that will make us closer to God and obedient to Him. The Sacrament of Matrimony is one of them.

Also, there are couples who end up in divorce. Many of them enter a second union which are often needing a canonical rectification that involves an annulment. The annulment is a necessary process that offers a sense of healing to the individuals who opt to enter another marriage bond. As I am aware that there is quite a good number of our parishioners who are into this situation, I would like to provide our people with the information that may help them consider rectifying their canonical bond to be in good standing with God and His people. I imagine that the allotted time for the process would allow our people to join others during our Communal Wedding in November. Please come on February 20th after the 8:30am Mass to the Saint Dominic Room on the second floor of the parish offices for the Annulment Process Information. In addition, the marriage preparation group continues to offer the information for those who would like to be married (or who are living together without the Sacrament of Matrimony) every second Sunday of each month in the Sagrada Familia Room. Our goal is to create a spiritual atmosphere where no one is ever left behind in our journey to be closer to God.

On another note, I believe that some of you received a letter from the Archdiocese of Chicago regarding the Catholic Appeal. I encourage you to consider participating in this initiative to help the Archdiocesan Ministries. It is important that our parish remains open to extending our solidarity with the wider Archdiocesan Ministries such as education, works of charity, faith formation, and much more.

We will begin the restoration of the convent building by the end of this month. I will provide for you a list of construction materials needed for the project. We also accept donations from companies or business leaders should you have contacts with them. Monetary donations are always helpful. Those who are willing to support this initiative may indicate on their donations their intention “for convent restoration.” I would like to thank those who already collaborated in advance and to the rest of our people who choose to support this project. I wish for you God’s blessings.

Sincerely in Christ and Mary,