Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Jerome,

Pax Christi semper vobiscum!

We will begin our Novena in Honor of Saint Jerome next week. Please come and pray with us. Our devotion to Saint Jerome as the titular patron of our parish is one way of acknowledging his intercession to the prayers that we bring to the altar of Jesus Christ. Saint Jerome is our companion during our spiritual journey. He assists us and leads us to the direction of an encounter with God. A reference for the schedule of our Novena is in the bulletin this weekend.

In addition, our Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults reflection sessions as well as our Sacramental Preparation for First Communion and Confirmation begins next week. As we know, we are always challenged to see the participation and the collaboration of our families in the program. Our priorities play a very important role in assisting our young people helping them to understand the significance of their sacramental preparations. For some, this simply is a form of class completion so that their obligation to receive the sacraments would no longer be along the way. Others consider their sacramental reception as a form of completing a pre-requisite for marriage. We often miss the point that all sacramental preparations should be an opportunity for us leading to an encounter with God through this trajectory by marking our lives with the sacraments. We are not preparing our children to receive the sacraments because they are simply a “pre-requisite.” Rather, we assist them through doctrinal teaching to be mindful of a significant truth that our preparations for the sacramental reception are nothing but a “process.” A process leading to a much clearer vision of the reality of God. A process that allows one to encounter the community as the breeding ground for the presence of the Divine. More so, a process that orients one to a much meaningful understanding of our Christian identity as well as the expectations of the Mother Church to all her children so they can live life as a celebration of God’s presence in them.

Please know that our role as members of the community plays a very important part in calling each one to accountability to a much conscious, active, and vibrant church that we should be. Our attitude with everyone and the manner that we receive each other are two important keys that can build a strong foundation in our community life.

Our Gospel reading this weekend posted a challenging question. Who is the most significant amongst us? We can find our answer from recognizing our own littleness by serving the most insignificant in our community. Jesus showed us a very clear example. In the end, it truly is our ability to willingly acknowledge that serving each other in the spirit of love makes us more recognizable because we bear within us the Spirit of God.

Finally, several weeks ago, I informed you that we are currently reconfiguring the Parish Pastoral Council. This invitation is for those who are willing to serve our parish by offering their gifts for the service of God’s people. Commitment, availability, team building oriented and open mindedness are the primary characters that our future council can certainly use for an efficient leadership. We will meet on September 25th at 8:30am for Mass followed by our meeting to determine the key persons who would be willing to serve the position. I strongly encourage our parish leaders and two of their members to come for the initial gathering. In anticipation for this event, the parish center is reserved.

I shall see you next weekend.

Sincerely in Christ and Mary,