Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time  

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Jerome,

Pax Christi semper vobiscum!

We officially welcome Sisters Hermie and Mercy from the Missionary Sisters of Saint John the Baptist to our Parish. They will be our collaborators in the parish ministries. They will primarily focus on the education of our young children through Religious Education and after school programs during ordinary weekdays. They will launch the first of their programs in the middle of June by doing a summer camp. More information will be provided after Easter. Please welcome them and introduce yourself to the sisters. I am certain that their presence will be a good addition to our parish ministry in educating our next generation of young people.

We will begin our Lenten observances on Ash Wednesday next week. A copy of a brief Lenten catechism is available for you this weekend by the entrance of the church. There will be two major Solemnities that we will celebrate during the Lenten Season this year: the Annunciation and the Solemnity of Saint Joseph. We shall celebrate those Solemnities with great reverence. The bulletin will have information on the celebrations so that all of us may plan to participate fully in the joy of those feasts.

I mentioned over the last few weeks that we have begun the restoration of the convent building. We are targeting to have some of the areas safely available for the use of the sisters in their ministries by June. Currently we are looking for families who would like to sponsor the cost of a room restoration on the first floor. A room requires painting, floor renovation, electrical rewiring, new light fixtures, minor plumbing, new windows, and a small air conditioning window unit. I shall provide you with a total cost of each individual room as soon as an estimate is generated from the convent budget. You will see before Mass in the coming days the actual condition of the convent building. This will give you an idea of what the convent looks like and the actual physical condition of the building. We have already invested some money through the insurance company on some parts of the building. We are moving along.

I thank you for your generosity and willingness to be a part of this project for the sake of our parish ministries.

I shall see you on Ash Wednesday.

Sincerely in Christ and Mary,